Did you know that we provide our clients with the same level of service and use the same high quality parts as your dealership – at a fraction of the cost! Our network of suppliers only provide genuine Manufacturer’s parts.

We at Blakehurst Auto Repairs believe that keeping your car regularly serviced is vital to prolonging the longevity of your vehicle and optimising the resale value.  Our workshop facility is equipped with the latest technology and tools used at dealerships.

Is your vehicle still under a Manufacturer’s Warranty?

If your vehicle is still under warranty, our fully qualified technicians will carry out all repair work with genuine manufacturer parts as you would expect from the dealership. Our high levels of workmanship will provide you with piece of mind in the care of your vehicle and not void the Manufacturer’s Warranty. The only difference with our service compared to a dealership is the price.

Is your vehicle no longer under a Manufacturer’s Warranty?

At Blakehurst Auto Repairs we offer a wide range of services and repairs for all vehicle makes and models. These include Brakes, On-Site Tyre services, Suspension, Exhaust and Mufflers, Auto Electrical service, Fault Diagnosis, Performance Upgrades and all general servicing.


Blakehurst Auto Repairs

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Our Vehicle Services:

  • Log Book Service as per Manufacturer’s Specifications
  • Auto Electrical Services including Air Conditioning Repairs
  • Brake Systems, Replacements and Performance Upgrades
  • Clutch Repairs and Replacements
  • General Servicing and Tuning
  • Steering and Suspension Repairs
  • Fuel Systems and Fuel Injections
  • On-Site Tyre Services – Supply, Fit, Electronic Balance and Electronic Wheel Alignments and Puncture Repair
  • Transmission Servicing, Upgrades and Rebuilds
  • Battery Supply and Installations
  • Exhaust and Muffler Repairs and Performance
  • Cooling Systems and Radiators

We consistently provide our clients with exceptional service and value for money.

Our client’s choose us for the following reasons:


Cars We Service: Mercedes-Benz

Highly Trained Certified Technicians


Cars We Service: BMW

Latest Technology & Diagnostic Tools


Cars We Service: Lexus

Genuine Manufacturer’s Parts


Cars We Service: Volkswagen

Premium Automotive Fluids & Products


Cars We Service: Ford

Correct Diagnosis & Rectification of Problems


Cars We Service: Holden

Servicing Conducted Under Manufacturer’s Warranty



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